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We partner with organisations of all shapes and sizes. This makes us an ideal partner for you

Blink Recruitment, formerly Personnel Appointments, is Guernsey’s longest-established recruitment agency with a successful track record spanning several decades.


Our Talent Managers have hands-on experience working in finance at a senior level and they understand the sector and its recruitment needs.

We spend time meeting with our candidates to fully understand their skills, experience and personality and then go about matching the person to the job that suits them most. Blink is unique in that it offers a tailor-made, bespoke approach to recruitment.

We see the bigger picture and we specialise in getting the fit absolutely right so that candidates get the job that suits them, and employers get a candidate who excels in the job and adds value to the company.

It is a win for all sides and it is why we are appreciated for our caring, customer focussed expertise.

Go beyond goals

Offering a tailor-made, bespoke approach to recruitment.

Recruitment Redefined

Keep up to date with our latest job roles.

From Finance industry jobs in Guernsey Trust Companies, to jobs for Guernsey States and everything in-between.

We want to meet you, either face-to-face or via Teams. What are your professional goals? What is your background? Let's discover how we can help you grow.


We take time to assess your CV and dive deep into your background to find out what really makes you tick, so we can match you to the client that will bring out the best of you. We offer a full CV review and rewriting service and have experienced Talent Managers on our team to advise on interview preparation and to provide further guidance.


 We look at long-term career opportunities, not just a stop-gap role.

Sometimes, a candidate may have a specific company in mind but we may consider that this may not be the best fit for their talents and we will be transparent in the advice that we give. Our bespoke approach will be to suggest an alternative, sometimes quite different to the initial vision, but one that suits the individual.

Our Dedicated Talent Managers will make sure you find the placement that will help you grow. 

Exceed expectations 

At Blink Recruitment we treat our candidates as individuals.

Recruitment Redefined

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